How Printer Toner Cartridges works in Laser Printer?

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How Printer Toner Cartridges works in Laser Printer?


A LaserJet printer consists of several components. Let’s start with the photoreceptor drum assembly, a revolving cylinder made of photoconductive material. 

Printers beam a laser beam across the surface of this revolving drum. The drum has a positive charge, but the laser discharges the points it comes in contact with, leaving the resulting image with a negative charge (or vice versa). In this way, the laser draws the document or image you wish to print.

The printer then coats the drum not with ink, but with powder. This toner powder sticks to the electrostatic image the laser has drawn. The powder consists of two ingredients: pigment and plastic. Pigment provides the color, while the plastic is there to adhere the pigment to paper. This mixture, known as printer toner, is spun in a component called the hopper.

Printer Toner Cartridges

Toner Cartridges

Toner Cartridges consist the powder of different types of color. Usually it comes with Cyan, magenta, Yellow and Black.