MobiM8 Mobile Phone Hands Free Helper (1 piece)

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The MobiM8 Hands Free Helper is the perfect companion product to your mobile phone! The MobiM8 Hands Free Helper is excellent for sticking or resting your smartphone or similiar sized device. With the MobilM8 you can stick your phone to most surfaces or use it as a support almost anywhere. Stick your phone to the wall so you can watch your favourite movie. Use it as a support for your phone on your desk or bed. Stick your phone to the back seat of the car while travelling. The options of where to stick or support are endless.... SUPER easy to remove and reposition. SUPER easy to remove from your phone if no longer needed. The MobiM8 Hands Free Helper uses a patented nano suction 3RGEL which can be stuck on / off over 3000 times. It can also be washed over 100 times if it gets dirty . This is not one of those products that after a few uses loses its ability to stick. Please be aware that the MobiM8 Hands Free Helper is not suitable for glass backed devices such as the iPhone 8
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